"I’m having a blast! This is really fun!"

Anna Marie, at DeMarina's, Milwaukee, WI





"We first heard of the Pasta Fork at the the Kenosha Business Expo and took two sets home. At a recent family gathering we served spaghetti and the forks were a huge hit. They were easy to use and fun for all ages. The kids actually ate because they had fun and our "senior" of the group was able to enjoy his spaghetti as it stayed on the fork! The spin of the fork is easy for any age to use! Kudos on a fine and useful product! What took you so long?! :-)”

Cynthia, Kenosha, Wisconsin



"I’ve been having a lot of fun with it when I dining at the Roma Lodge in Racine. People come up to me to ask about it. At first I wasn’t quite sure how to use it, but now it really works. I’ve been recommending it as a unique gift idea.”

Ed, at Derangos Pizza King, Kenosha, WI



"We were excited to receive our box with our Original Pasta Forks.  The boxes were very nice and the forks themselves were unlike anything we'd ever seen before.  But the question was, of course...would they work?  To find out, we tried them with a nice spaghetti dinner - spaghetti and meatballs with broccoli.  And the answer is...YES!  The pasta forks worked fine to eat our spaghetti and they also worked fine to eat the broccoli.  What an amazing invention!"

Ellen & Robert, Hollywood, FL



“As if eating pasta needed to be any more fun, Bob has found a way!"

Dave, Kenosha, WI



 "I don’t want to eat spaghetti again without Uncle Bob’s pasta fork!”

Bob's Nephew



“It puts a new spin on spaghetti! I think it could be good for people with arthritis, too, to help them to eat.” 

Tom, Kenosha, WI


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