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Bob Balow

Inventor with an Eye for Practical Inventions


Bob Balow, a Metallurgical Engineer, created The Original Pasta Fork after a sales rep for a premium gift supplier suggested the idea. The salesman said he could really sell a lot of specialty pasta forks, if he had them available. Bob tinkered with the idea when he observed a cocktail mixing spoon that he thought had a good potential shape for effectively twirling long pasta noodles.

The inventor patented his first invention a few years ago, and sold over 400,000 forks through, restaurants, festivals, gift packages, and craft shows. Then Bob became too busy to pursue further fork sales while operating his own expanding heat treating company, Accu–Temp, in Racine, WI, which he has owned and operated for 34 years.  Now Bob has decided to market the fork again to today’s pasta enthusiasts, primarily through the internet.

Bob was born in Eau Claire, WI, in 1946. He earned a Metallurgical Engineering degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The inventor has always loved “tinkering” & researching potential inventions, particularly related to heat treating metals. He has also done numerous consulting jobs for companies like Johnson’s Wax, Delphi, and John Deere, which have resulted in other potential inventions to market.

His latest inventions include specially heat treated cast iron & steel cooking pans that are rust resistant and retain their non-stick properties when washed. Bob is currently negotiating license agreements for the particular process with major manufacturers of cast iron & steel cookware.

Bob recently formed a new business, RCB Products, LLC, as a parent company to promote all of his new inventions. In addition, Bob is able to recondition old cast iron pots & pans with the new heat treatment at his Accu-Temp facility in Racine.

Also, Bob recently launched a local Kenosha/Racine chapter of the Wisconsin’s Entrepreneurs Network, the Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club, in 2009 with the help of the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce. The club’s goal is to help inventors to patent, produce & market their inventions. The club meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Gateway Tech Horizon Center, 4940 88th Avenue, 6:30 pm in Kenosha. (The next scheduled meeting is January 18, 2011, after the holidays.)

“I think people will really enjoy The Original Pasta Fork when they try it,” Bob commented. “I have had numerous favorable comments about the fork since I originally invented it. The fork is truly a fun way to enjoy pasta, and potentially less messy,” he added. “I look forward to marketing it now, nationwide & globally.”

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